• Anthology’s Commitment to Accelerating Innovation in K-12: New business unit supports communication and connection for K-12 schools

    Posted by Lee Blakemore on 12/8/2021

    As Anthology and Blackboard come together to write the next chapter in EdTech, we are excited to announce a deepened commitment to our K-12 and Community Engagement clients with the creation of a dedicated business unit. This new business unit is designed to ensure we have the right focus and resources to accelerate innovation for clients while enabling learner success throughout the student lifecycle, starting with the foundational years in K-12.

    What this means for you

    I am honored to lead the newly established division as part of Anthology’s post-merger leadership team and share in our responsibility to meet the evolving needs of teachers, administrators, learners and parents. But what does that look like in practice and how will this impact the school districts we serve? While many schools prepare to pause for holiday break and plan for the year ahead, our K-12 business unit is focused on the following priorities to support both current and future clients:  

    • Continuing to invest in our broad portfolio of capabilities and services for K-12 to help solve the increasingly complex challenges faced by school districts. Today’s learning environment is rapidly changing, and we are here to support clients by keeping parents and communities connected.
    • Combining Blackboard’s more than two decades of experience in the K-12 market with Anthology’s comprehensive EdTech expertise to ultimately increase the value we deliver to clients. The newly combined company’s strong foundation in the K-12 market only serves as a starting point for further growth and innovation.
    • Partnering with the global K-12 community to provide students and teachers with not only the technology they need today, but with the resources they will need years from now. We are dedicated to helping schools and school districts prepare for the future.

    Investing in Blackboard Community Engagement

    As we build product roadmaps and identify new opportunities to support hybrid learning ecosystems, one key element remains unchanged: Blackboard Community Engagement will continue to be our flagship solution for K-12 schools. It is the only fully integrated solution in the market that brings teachers and families together in a secure digital communication environment to foster collaboration and enable real-time insights. Our continued investment in products like Blackboard Web Community Manager and Blackboard Reach, among many others, is critical to support learning and engagement from anywhere for the more than 24 million K-12 students worldwide who rely on Anthology technology.

    Looking ahead

    The last two years may have forced a dramatic pivot in the way we all live, learn and connect, but 2022 presents a renewed opportunity to gain more efficiency and ease in how we inform parents, create two-way dialogue to improve student performance, and deliver critical communications at scale. Together, we can get parents and community members more involved in the education process, broadening our reach through communications while creating visibility for the stakeholders who influence a student’s experience.

    Anthology is poised to drive improvements and strategic growth for our K-12 Blackboard Community Engagement clients as school districts and learners prepare for the upcoming year. We are focused on our collective mission to serve the global education community and look forward to what lies ahead as we continue to define the future of K-12 communication together.

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